I also play oboe, and have been taking private lessons for a few months. What I’m wondering about is what I should major in if I’m not sure what area of music I want to go into. I’m considering education but I’m not sure… should my default be a performance major?Thank you so much, your website has been amazingly helpful!We suggest you spend time over the course of the next year exploring areas of music you’re interested in learning more about. Read about different music careers, talk with college students and professionals in areas of music you’re curious about, talk with your teachers, see if you can shadow a music teacher or two who are teaching at local schools. If becoming a music educator is something you’re passionate about, know that many teachers also perform. In fact, you’ll have to audition to be accepted into a music education program and as a music ed major, you will continue to take applied lessons and be in ensembles throughout college. I am a sophomore in high school and am very interested in majoring in either piano pedagogy or piano performance. I’ve been playing piano for over 10 years, have participated in local, state, and national competitions since I was 12, gone to two summer piano camps, and am taking AP Music Theory this year. So, I think I have a pretty good chance of getting into at least some college piano program. But I also love to sing, especially in choir. I did choir in middle school, but I haven’t had time for it since. I’m pretty good at interpretation too.

how to play the piano books

Learning how to play piano fast is a skill that many should learn.