I am currently teaching myself pieces here and there, but while going through the notes will help me to learn and revisit what I was taught, I am able to learn pieces better by ear and make the process shorter. I was also in choir and a lot of musicals from elementary school up until last year, but I don’t really see how being able to keep in time and repeat the correct notes will help me if I can’t read the music very well. I would like to minor in music, but I feel as if I’m not skilled enough to be able to go through with it. I know that music theory is an option at school and that taking it next year will help me a lot. Any other suggestions?It’s worth trying, for sure. You’ll need to be proactive and practice as if you were going to see your teacher every week. Do you live anywhere near a college or university with a music program?If so, they often have upper level undergrads and grad students as well as professors who offer lessons to high school students. Also, you can check out lessons via Skype – there are a number of good teachers who teach online – successfully. Check out our article “Planning to Major in Jazz” for more about going to school for jazz and stay tuned to a new article about careers in jazz, coming soon. Also, seriously consider a summer music program where you can really advance your skills. See our Summer Music Camps and Programs page. You can always look at minoring in music to keep music as a focus without necessarily having to prepare to audition. Wonderful question!Most musicians are very critical of themselves, so you are not alone. But gaining confidence is key to being able to play your best, stay open to feedback, and improve your proficiency level. The more you perform, the more likely you are to start gaining confidence. But in the meantime, you might find this article helpful: Reducing Music Performance Anxiety. Be sure to also share your concerns with your parents, your music teachers, and anyone else who you consider to be a mentor such as your school counselor.

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I have played it for 6 years with one year of private lessons.